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About Us: Waterloo Region's Smallest & Only Garage Brewery

Our Mission

We are a close group of friends that love good beer. 
Our mission is to serve our neighbours quality, accessible, and authentic beer.

Our Values

You Talk. We Listen. We value feedback from our customers. 

Better With Every Brew. We strive to improve. Test, fail, tweak, learn.

Brewed to Enjoy. We don’t sell what we wouldn’t drink ourselves. If we have to dump it, we will.

Be a Good Neighbor. We are local, supporting local. Our community is important to us.

Our Story

The “Twas Now Bridge” was a Kitchener landmark for anyone who knew the area in the 80’s and 90’s and was the dividing line between the eastern edge of the city and the mostly agricultural land separating Guelph from Kitchener.  While the graffiti covering the rail bridge over the Grand River has vanished, it left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of Kitchener natives from that era.

Our story starts in the 1980s, with a group of friends born and raised in the post-industrial streets of downtown Kitchener and the East Ward.  Most of us are now in our 40’s, but we’re still best friends and we still love beer.  Our five founding partner families (we did get married and had a few kids) have deep roots in the area, and though some of us may have moved (but not all of us!), our hearts live in the city’s core.

Twas Now Brewing Inc. is a hyper-local pico-brewery steeped in the region’s proud past and honoring its metamorphosis into a globally renowned educational mecca and the western terminus of the “Toronto-Waterloo” corridor.  We specialize in beers of character and note that pull inspiration from local lore and tradition, right from Waterloo Region's smallest and only fully operational garage brewery. 

Neighbours Day

It's Neighbours Day on June 15th! Come join Twas Now Brewing on East Ave as we hang out with our neighbours and welcome everyone to take part in the fun and camaraderie.

Twas Now will be open 12-6 pm, including a garage sale and new merch. There will be a concert happening at 5 pm on the lawn of 449 East Ave, featuring local musician Luke Michielsen.

See you there!

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